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Blissful Path Retreat

MON, Jan 10 | 9:00am-3:30pm
Quick Path to Great Bliss with Tsog | 4-6pm


This retreat is for Highest Yoga Practitioners for practitioners wanting to develop familiarity with Vajrayogini Tantra and learn how to integrate these profound practices into their daily life. Gen Chokyi will explain and then guide different aspects of the practice. The main focus will be on self-generation, the heart of Vajrayogini practice and how we can use our imagination to actualize our potential swiftly and lead all beings to Buddha Vajrayogini’s Pure Land of Keajra.


Sadhanas used in this retreat are The Blissful Path and Quick Path to Great Bliss. Meditations based on teachings from The New Guide to Dakini Land

You must have HYT empowerment to attend. 

Retreat Schedule
9–10:30am  Session 1
11am–12:30pm Session 2
Lunch break 
2- 3:30pm Session 3

4:00 - 6pm  Quick Path with Tsog

The Center will be open 30 minutes prior to each session. If you are attending in person, please arrive at least five minutes prior to the time of the session to cherish others. 


If you are attending live stream, please register at least 1 hour prior to the retreat and arrive on time to each session. 

$20/full retreat, $5/session


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