Lunchtime Meditation

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Monday with Diane Ledger
Wednesday with Gen Kelsang Chokyi
Friday with Wes Steele

$5/ Free for members

There is no less suffering in the world today and there are no fewer problems. Indeed, it might be said that there are now more problems and greater dangers than ever before. This shows that the cause of happiness and the solution to our problems do not lie in knowledge of material things. Happiness and suffering are states of mind and so their main causes cannot be found outside the mind. If we want to be truly happy and free from suffering, we must learn how to control our mind.”

  • July 5,  9 — Medicine for the Mind

  • July 12, 14, 16 — Outer vs Inner Problems

  • July 19, 21, 23 — Inside Out

  • July 26, 28, 30 — Root of Suffering 



Everyone can benefit from Buddha's ancient teachings presented for modern times. This 30-minute meditation class will be based on How to Solve Your Human Problems by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

Please note due to the International Summer Festival (click here for more information, all lunchtime meditation classes from
Aug 2 - Aug 13 will be recorded on Zoom and the links will be sent via email.

Two ways to participate

In Person


You can drop-in to the class or register to save your spot.

10 person limit for on-site classes.