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 Center Cherishing Day - Dec 30

SATURDAY | 10-11am 

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KMC Bloomington is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing peace and happiness to Bloomington and the surrounding areas. We aim to teach people how to develop pure, positive states of mind, giving practical tools to transform the difficulties of everyday life into opportunities for personal growth and transformation using modern Kadampa Buddhism and meditation. 


Our Center runs on volunteers. When we come together there is power, and this power creates change through meditating together, building community and envisioning what can happen when we are happy cherishing others. We accumulate good fortune, a positive state of mind, and we support a peaceful place of refuge for others to enjoy. 

Volunteer opportunities are available in the education and administrative departments.  Some volunteer areas for each department are listed below. If you have an interest, please speak to Nancy, Administrative Director, at the Center or email about what inspires you.

Assisting Classes

Cleaning the Gompa (meditation room) 

Water Offerings

Publicity Distribution

Sound Desk for Classes and Retreats


Shop Hours


Plant Care



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