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Sunday Morning Meditation 

Creating Harmony series

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10:00-11:30am with Gen Kelsang Chokyi

“When things are going well, and people are kind and treating us with respect, it is not so difficult to wish for them to be happy. However, if our love for others diminishes as soon as they cause us problems or fail to appreciate us, this indicates that our love is not pure. For as long as our good feelings for others are conditional upon their treating us well, our love will be weak and unstable and we will not be able to transform it into universal love. It is inevitable that people will sometimes respond to our kindness in ungrateful and negative ways, and so it is essential that we find a way of transforming this experience into the spiritual path.”


Feb 5 - A Spiritual Teacher

Feb 12 - Tuning Into Reality

Feb 19 - Answering the Why?

Feb 26 - Creating Harmony

You don't need to be Buddhist to benefit from these precious teachings. Each class includes a relaxing breathing meditation, a teaching, a contemplative meditation, and a closing dedication. Each class can be attended individually or as a series.

Everyone can benefit from this ancient wisdom that is presented for modern times. Prayers for World Peace will be recited at the end of the class. This series is based on the book Universal Compassion by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. The Sunday morning meditation class is taught by Gen Kelsang Chokyi with guest Kadampa teachers on occasion.

In Person Classes

No experience is necessary.

Drop in or Register

$10/per class 
Free for FP, $30 for 30 Days,
Basic Plus, Student Class Pass and Supporting Members

Monthly Membership Options

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