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Dealing with Fears silent retreat

SAT, Apr 27

10am - 1pm

with Gen Kelsang Chokyi, Resident Teacher

Within silence, we can discover deeper aspects of wisdom using the ancient teachings from Buddha to integrate into our modern lives. Even if you've never tried or think that you can be silent, would like to invite you to experience the benefits of silence by exploring your mind with wisdom.


When we are in the throughs of fear, it doesn't seem like we have options. We feel bound to the anxiety and panic it induces is unchangeable. 


In this silent retreat, Gen Chokyi will explore the following:

- Recognizing where our fear comes from

- Exploring the healing meditation of taking by means of compassion and giving by means of love


Although it may not feel possible at this moment to deal with your fears, you can encourage yourself that with familiarity and time using these scientific methods, you can transform your fear into on object of compassion and wisdom.

“Furthermore, we can use all unfortunate conditions to cultivate other good qualities, such as patience, love and bodhichitta...A person who sincerely practices transforming adverse conditions into the path will find many good qualities in suffering, and so he or she will always remain calm and undaunted.” — Geshe Kelsang Gyatso


10:00 - 11:30am — Session 1

11:45am - 1pm — Session 2



As a student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Gen Kelsang Chokyi has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for 19 years and is an ordained American Buddhist nun. She is the Resident Teacher at KMC Bloomington. With joy, wisdom, and experience, she shows how everyone can easily integrate Buddha’s teachings into daily life.


This retreat will be using the book Universal Compassion by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. It's not required to have this book, but some people like to have them on hand during the event or read more afterward. You can purchase books in our Bookstore & Shop — check out our Shop schedule.



2 sessions in silence with 15min break

> calming guided meditations

> short talks to inspire

> guided meditations to transform

> in person only

Register or Drop In

> No experience necessary and everyone is welcome

> Cushy chairs and cushions

Saturday Retreat— $25/adult, $20/student, senior

Retreat included in Memberships:

$40 for 30 Days, Basic +, FP and Supporting Members

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