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Releasing the Inner Critic
Friday Night Talk

FRI, Oct 27

6:30 - 8pm

Weekend Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Chokyi, Resident Teacher

Why is it that the inner critic who judges and blames ourselves, others and life is given so much time and energy? It may feel like we don't have any choice in the matter, but actually we do. 

During this Friday talk, Gen Chokyi will reveal how to recognize the undermining and harmful nature of our inner critic. Then, once it's identified correctly, we can begin to release ourselves from these unhealthy mindsets through meditation.

In this talk, we will explore recognizing our inner critic without identifying as the critic, seeing how we can transform the challenges that come from our inner critic and ultimately how we can release ourselves skillfully from this negative narrative. 


Protection from Discouragement 

Morning Retreat in Silence

SAT, Oct 28

10am - 1pm



> bridge techniques for meditation practice and in particular exploring being in silence
> guided meditations

> inspirational talk


2 sessions in silence with 15min break

> calming guided meditations

> short talks to inspire

> guided meditations to transform

Register or Drop In
Come to Friday, Saturday or both days to deepen your experience — all levels of experience are welcome

> Cushy chairs and cushions

Why do we discourage ourselves? It's a bad habit pattern we keep creating in our mind. During this silent morning retreat, Gen Chokyi will connect aspects of the inner critic with discouragement to discover how to protect ourselves from it. 

Once we understand how to protect ourselves from discouragement we can lead a more beneficial and meaningful life. 

During this retreat, we will keep silence from 10am-1pm. There will be an opportunity to write down questions about the methods presented that Gen Chokyi will answer during the second session.  


Full Weekend — $30/adult & $25/student, senior
Friday Night Only — $10/adult, student and senior

Saturday Only — $20/adult, $15/student, senior

Full Weekend Retreat included in Memberships:

$30 for 30 Days and Supporting Members

Monthly Membership Options

$30 for 30_Oct 2021.png
$50 Membership.png
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