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Retreats, Talks & Events

At Kadampa Meditation Center Bloomington, we offer talks, retreats and events. Each of them approach different aspects of bringing meditation deeper into our understanding and daily experience. 

Once a month, we have a Saturday Morning Retreat from 10am-1pm. Then later in the month, we offer a Friday Night Talk from 6:30pm which is part of our weekend retreat series to bridge a silent morning retreat on Saturdays from 10am - 1pm. All our retreats are designed for people who may just beginning meditation or for those who wish to deepen their meditation practice. 

We offer more in-depth day retreats on Saturdays which are designed for people who have been coming and have a basis of understanding of Buddhist teachings. These retreats are Saturdays from 9 am - 5 pm.


SAT, Mar 16 | Retreat & Lunch | 10am - 1pm

Overcoming Self Doubts 

FRI, Mar 29 | Talk | 6:30 - 8pm

Becoming Mentally Strong 

SAT, Mar 30 | Silent Retreat | 10am - 1pm

Meditation Changes Everything 


FRI, April 5 - SUN, Apr 7 | MWDC at Madison KMC

Vajrasattva Empowerment with Gen Kelsang Demo 

SAT, Apr 13 | Letting Go of Negative Narratives morning retreat

MON, Apr 15 | Nyungnay Purification Ritual day retreat 

FRI, Apr 26 | How to Transform Life’s Hardships evening talk
SAT, Apr 27 | Dealing with Fears morning silent retreat



SAT, May 4 | Refuge Retreat day retreat

SAT, May 11 | Happiness: It Depends morning retreat

SUN, May 12 | Mother’s Day Talk & Tea event

FRI, May 24 | Cultivating Good Relationships evening talk

SAT, May 25 | Better Together: Karmic Connections morning silent retreat


TUE, Jun 4 | VGKG’s Birthday | Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka day retreat

SAT, Jun 8 | Perspective is Everything morning retreat

FRI, Jun 21 | Moving Beyond Sorrow & Loss evening talk

SAT, Jun 22 | Centered in the Solution morning silent retreat

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