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Nyungnay Purification Ritual Retreat

MON, Apr 15

6:30am - 3:45pm

To celebrate Buddha's enlightenment day, join us to make exquisite offerings, praises, and prostrations to Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara. Accumulate a lot of merit, purify vast negativity for ourselves and others and receive powerful blessings to propel ourself swiftly along our path to enlightenment. This purification practice includes taking the eight Mahayana precepts in the morning, fasting with one vegetarian meal at 12:30pm and engaging in three sessions of prostrations and prayers with the sadhana (prayer booklet) Drop of Essential Nectar.

You must take the precepts using A Pure Life sadhana in the morning in order to participate
in Nyungnay purification ritual practice
. Please see more detailed information about taking the
precepts and vegetarian meal below.

6:30 – 7:00am | Precepts
7:30 – 8:45am | Session 1

11:00am – 12:15pm | Session 2
12:30  | Lunch - bring your own based on precepts requirements below
2:30-3:45pm | Session 3


There will be a special offerings table for this purification retreat, if you would
like to contribute towards it, please free free to do so.


Although this retreat is free, we are limited to 15 people as it involves making prostrations. 
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you wish.



Taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts

The essence of the practice is to take eight precepts and to keep them purely for a period of twenty-four hours.

By doing this practice again and again, we acquaint ourself with the practice of moral discipline and thereby make our human life meaningful. We receive many great benefits from practicing moral discipline in this way. It helps us to solve the problems of this life by avoiding the causes of suffering; and it creates the cause for us to take fortunate rebirths in future lives and thereby protects us from the sufferings of lower rebirth.

In particular, because it is performed with bodhichitta motivation, this practice is very powerful for purifying negative karma. It accumulates a vast collection of merit and creates the cause for us to attain the unsurpassed happiness of enlightenment.

We first need to receive these precepts from a qualified Preceptor, and then we can take them on our own as often as we wish. Instructions on both these methods are included in A Pure Life.


The vegetarian meal is free of meat, fish, onions, garlic, radishes and eggs. Please plan to bring your own lunch, we have a refrigerator to keep it fresh. If you have questions, please email



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