Navigating Through Life’s Challenges

Tuesdays, February 20 – March 13th, 6:30-7:30pm 

As a follow up to the Feb. 16th Friday Night Lecutre: A World Gone Mad event, we are offering this 4-week series, “Navigating Through Life’s Challenges” as an opportunity to deepen your understanding on this topic.-> If you register for this series, at the Feb. 16th event, we will offer a special discounted rate of $25 for entire series!

Modern life can seem so complex that we often feel we are struggling against a strong current of daily problems and difficulties.  We can become overwhelmed and deeply frustrated. Through meditation and Buddha’s practical advice, we can learn how to navigate through life’s challenges with a calm and positive mind and actually transform difficulties into personal growth and inner development.


Each class of this 4-week series includes guided meditation and a short talk. Join in a class or immerse yourself in the whole series to derive the greatest benefit!  No prior experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.


Regular Cost for the series:  $30/4-week series / $10/ Drop-In class   Student rate:  $5
Special Discounted Rate:  $25 /4-week series if purchased on the night of Friday February 16th Special Guest Speaker event only